The Meltdown

After reviewing the meltdown of yesterday and the accusation and insults that ran rampant, I felt I had no choice but to put a stop to a specific user’s access to comments here.  He’s been made aware of what must happen to return, but I have no doubt that such a thing will actually happen.

As for the straw that broke the hypothetical camel’s back (no animals were harmed in the making of this post) it was a twit he issued accusing me of not wanting to converse.  I’ve done nothing but converse, unfortunately this commenter has done nothing but rant, tell me how to run my blog, insult me personally, and as of this morning, issued a stunningly bad taste comment that I just could not let pass any longer.  As other bloggers have pointed out in the past, it’s as if he takes a dump in your living room and acts surprised when he’s asked to leave.  Only I didn’t ask, I just outright banned his posts, and will continue to do so.  He will not be defecating in my living room anymore.

As to the meltdown, I find the entire thing hilarious.  The commenter riled himself up something fierce and ranted at end on an issue no one else was arguing against.  Not once, in the entire rant did any other commenter question the law.  Not once.  But to this commenter, since we didn’t just agree and say he’d won, he continued to rant and rave about something no one disagreed with.  Using a tactic he’s used many times in the past, he continued to ignore specific straight to the point questions or respond to comments.  Because that’s how normal people converse.  They ignore you and ignore you and keep saying the same thing over and over again.  Isn’t that what happens in your conversations?

The other thing is that he lied and he admitted he lied.  And then, based on that lie, we were to accept his truth.  Such actions by someone claiming to be an ethical investigative journalist is repugnant and uncalled for.  He wasn’t on some super secret spy mission to uncover a whistleblower.  He, instead, lied about something silly and inconsequential and about something that didn’t need to tell a lie to get the information he wanted.  This blog will not be a part of such activities.  They are reprehensible.  And his blatantly racist comments about the women he lied to makes it even that much more disgusting.

So the comment stream has been cleaned up for the foreseeable future.  I’m sure that the parts of the interwebs not under my, or the other numerous bloggers that have rejected his behavior on their bandwidth, control will be full of the same kind of nasty behavior that got him removed from here.  So feel free to visit some darker corners of the web if that’s what you enjoy.  Here at Running Wolf, we will continue on as we have before, but with the relaxing knowledge that this certain commenter will not be slinging poo at our guests anymore.

15 thoughts on “The Meltdown

    • Inasmuch as our gentle host has simply asked this particular commenter to abide by the generally accepted rules of discourse and perhaps answer some questions that are relevant to the specific statements this commenter would have this audience accept as truth, he’s not actually banned based on my read.

      i can haz comma splice with my run-ons?

      • Not banned but not allowed to comment till I get my retractions and he promises to behave himself. So yea, he’s probably permanently banned.

      • Oh, come on… You know it’s going to be permanent.

        Unfortunately, this is what happens when you try to be civil and engage with crazy people. The best response to a crazy person is none at all.

  1. It has dawned on you by degrees.

    I joined the ranks of the “Hogeists” despite my politics being closer to those claimed by the pirate crew than the Lickspittles. But I’m primarily a fact based person and that quickly led to the side I would prefer to see win this ‘war’. The tactics of Shakes, the Pedo, and others diminish their goals. The ends do not justify the means they have chosen.

    • I have not been aware that there were any political requirements to join the “lickspittles” other than a commitment to the right to free expression. There are quite a number of political positions that I suspect I do not share with other lickspittles or with Mr. Hoge although I must admit that I am more in political sympathy with the typical “lickspittle” than with Team Kimberlin.

  2. Michael

    I fully understand why you have done what you have and agree that BS will almost certainly not do what you require to regain even limited posting privileges here.

    Nevertheless, it does have a negative consequence. I will not go to BS’s sites so I must rely on second-hand information about what he is saying. This was one place where you could actually see his own words, usually in a context that he contributed to framing, without the risk of having your personal information be turned over to the convicted serial bomber Brett Kimberlin.

    So I thank you for having provided such a forum as long as you could personally tolerate the odor of feces.

    By the way, it is my opinion that BS deliberately makes himself unwelcome at places like this because he has no interest in exposing his positions to criticism. He prefers to pose as someone whose voice is being silenced by the forces of ignorance and obscurantism. He has no real interest in debate because he is very bad at it. Instead of rational debate, Bill Schmalfeldt has his own specialty of invective and insults just as his buddy Kimberlin has a specialty in bombing.

    • Oh I think you’re absolutely right. He’s been trying to get me to ban him for a while. It finally worked after his behavior yesterday. And he can scream at the four corners of the world that I’ve somehow silenced him, I don’t care. I’m not the government and I have no obligation to provide him with a platform to spew forth his rantings and behaviors.

      So if he wants to return to his little bubble of silence, He may do so.

      • That is exactly why Bill spends so much time on twitter. It is the perfect place for him (other than the word limit, he much more prefers verbosity, hence the #feldtdowns). He can say whatever he wants, no matter how silly, untrue or outrageous, as long as he walks the ToS line. And nobody can respond to him because he can block them and promptly run away.

        Hoge’s site has become the defacto reply site to Bill’s twitter ravings, but, as seen last nite, when an uncomfortable question comes up, he just ignores it.

      • Nail. Hammer. Head.

        What’s even more fun is that Hoge doesn’t respond to those fiskings of his twits. But somehow, Hoge is the harasser.

      • Hoge is the harasser because he doesn’t control his commenters according to CB’s liking. As you know. I guess you have figured out by now that it is all about ‘shutuppery’ from the TK crowd.

  3. Thanks for hosting last night’s meltdown festival. Really enjoyed it.
    One of the better ones.
    Every meltdown has its own character and tempo. Last nights was a little short on CB’s spreading the joy around to others but you did a fine job of holding his focus and keeping him on the hook while cavorted about and laid in random slices whenever the opportunity arose.
    Here’s hoping we get a chance to do it again sometime.

    • I think the meltdown was aided by my patience wearing out, so I goaded instead of engaged in his ranting. And then what I woke up to, it was just done. I’ll go back to the sidelines and let him make a fool of himself all on his own, and then go declare victory.

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