More clarification on Penny Alesi.

The woman who stalked me over the last two months, incorrectly identifying me as Lynn Thomas, has a lot of issues.  I should be so far down the list of things she should be dealing with as to avoid notice.  But why people are obsessed with what they are obsessed with remains a mystery, although thankfully I seemed, following my video letter, to have finally fallen off her radar.  At the risk of getting back on it, I think I’ve pieced together the logic she used to misidentify me as Thomas.  What follows is what I found out about it.  It comes from various sources, and I admit it is confusing.  One of the sources is Alesi’s own writings, and those are disjointed at best.  This does not excuse her of not following the plethora of links provided here that prove I am not Thomas, nor have ever had any dealing with anyone in Alesi’s life.

Early on in my dealings with Alesi she accused me of using someone else’s name.  Commenters here and elsewhere informed me that Lynn Thomas’s maiden name is Malone, a fact that has been confirmed to me after my post asking who Alesi is.  Prior to that post, I had not had any contact with the Lynn Thomas that Alesi is concerned with.  So that’s one fact against me, I am a Malone and I suppose all us Malone’s know each other.

However, I now think that the name Alesi was concerned with was that of Viktoria Running Wolf.  Now I’ve been online with the name Running Wolf or Runwolf since the 80’s.  It was my first user name on the now defunct Compuserve site and on AOL back before it connected to the internet.  But again, I suppose it’s not all that common of a name, so when Alesi discovered this blog, and my twitter account @runwolf13, I can see where she might be curious.

Who is Viktoria Running Wolf?  Good question.  Best I can tell, she was a former wife of Jack Idema, who passed away in Mexico back in 2012.  Penny Alesi is also a former wife of Idema.  Lynn Thomas is a former associate of Idema.  I’m not clear when Thomas came into Alesi’s life.  I know they had dealings in North Carolina after Alesi returned to the states from Mexico.  The extent and results of those dealings differ widely.

Viktoria Running Wolf was married to Jack Idema when he went to prison in Afghanistan for kidnapping an Afghani Supreme Court Judge.  Sometime after his release, Viktoria Running Wolf and Jack Idema parted ways, and Penny Alesi began her relationship with Idema.  I know that Idema and Viktoria Running Wolf operated, prior to his adventures in Afghanistan, a pet boarding operation in North Carolina.  I don’t know if Viktoria Running Wolf was still running the “Ultimate Pet Resort” after she split with Idema and Alesi began her role as Idema’s spokesperson in the states.

At some point Idema hired Lynn Thomas to manage the building that was the home to the pet resort.  Since it seems everything in Idema’s life was sketchy to begin with, there was some sketchy things going on surrounding the building that Thomas was hired to manage.  Alesi, apparently after leaving Idema, was involved in some way and it seems that the mess between Alesi and Thomas starts there.  From my point of view, it was a meaningly squabble over real estate.  From the participants points of view, I’m sure it was a nightmare.

Reading back over what I’ve written, I’m not sure I’ve made anything any clearer.  Everything surrounding Idema is shrouded in layers upon layers of mystery.  The only thing that connects me to Alesi in any way is that my name is Malone, and I’ve gone by Running Wolf for years.  I don’t know Viktoria Running Wolf, and I don’t know Lynn Thomas.  I don’t know Penny Alesi.  As far as I know, Alesi and Running Wolf are best buds who bonded over having failed relationships with the same man.  Or they may hate each other.  That’s how little I know, and even now how little I have on the players in game that I’m not involved in, nor really care about.

I’m done with the game.  Hopefully Alesi is done with it as well, at least as far as I’m concerned.