Late is better than never….

So I had an epic comment that I had to not post because it violated any number of my rulz.  But it was to epic not to post.  An anonymous poster, as in not me, sent me the following.  I’m probably pissing that zombie blog, since I put the commenter and Paul (oh wait, I might be Paul, and Lynn, and a few other people together) in touch.  Paul said he was going to publish, but I just had to do things to a drunk patron that makes me feel kinda sleazy.  So here is the only other post I didn’t publish in Bill’s vomitous Twitticus rant.


How dare you all make fun of poor Bill like that? Don’t you know that he’s practically paralyzed by Parkinson’s Disease, Cuckold Syndrome, and a nasty case of the Stupids? For god’s sake, you try living with the knowledge that your sexual inadequacy drove not one, but TWO of your wives into the pants of other men! Wouldn’t you be irrationally angry at practically everything?

But, by God, Bill is good at sleuthin’! That’s how he’s managed to put Hoge in jail all the times he said was going to, these past 18 months But Hoge keeps escaping! Hoooogeeeeee!

Now you’ve got him all worked up into a tizzy and he got on the phone again! That poor African-American-tinged secretary. Already on a government salary and having to spend all day listening to ranting cuckolds. She’s getting too old for this shit! And too African American-tinged to boot!

Now you’ve got Bill so worked up into a frenzy that he spilled his mayonnaise! And he won’t get to sleep tonight!

It’s a good thing I know his relaxation and breathing exercises.

Neal ……. and Bob.

Neal …….. and Bob

– an anonymous comment that I didn’t approve until right now.

Neal …… and Bob.