Never deleting twits.

So in the past week, Bill Schmalfeldt claimed he has never, ever, deleted twits.  To the well informed, we know that’s crap.  He’s deleted more twitter accounts that anyone else has ever had.  So after reading his bullshit, I had to go and check if it had ever happened before.  And I found it.  Wanna see that Bill has deleted twits?  Go read Lee.

If anyone else has evidence of Bill deleting twits, I’d love to hear about it.


16 thoughts on “Never deleting twits.

  1. It’s like he’s in a competition with Neal Rauhauser to see who can post more garbage and then delete it. They both leave behind a trail of deleted blog posts, tweets, and twitter accounts.

    And the deletions are for the same reasons: to conceal criminal actions, to avoid looking stupid, and to make the discussion much more confusing to newcomers.

  2. I have witnessed many, many different twitter accounts. One favorite tactic for him is to rename the alias for an account. It adds to the convolution.

  3. More examples? Check out virtually every mcCain post about Bill, lee Stranahan’s blog, plus a lot of people’s twitter accounts. Hoge probably has everything the guy has tweeted from all his accounts, including socks, for the past year or more.

  4. Deleting posts and tweets is like CB putting a condom over his head. A dick is always still just a dick.

  5. A few months ago he said that his twitter feed was protected most of February and March. So, of course, when people began posting thread after thread that had his dated tweets posted directly to them, he ignored the evidence.

    What kind of person lies so easily, knowing that there’s ample evidence to prove you’re a liar?

  6. Apparently, he just doubled down on his NASA infringement concept. Hoge just got a list of DMCA stuff a bunch of which was for attributed NASA stuff as well as embedded YouTube videos. What a maroon.

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