Frustration, Hopelessness and a Whole Lot of ‘Vettes | Simple Justice

Frustration, Hopelessness and a Whole Lot of ‘Vettes | Simple Justice.




WTF? What is he talking about?

Screenshot 2014-07-15 15.33.18

First, I’m pointing out this specific tweet because, once again, I have never used any foul imagery when discussing Bill Schmalfeldt, but this is not the first time that he has used it with me.  I’ve told him to “Fuck Off,” especially when he was threatening my family and my kids with exposure.  But I never said I was going to “fuck” him.

And while I suppose I’m a “cunt-hair” away from fucking him, which is a mental image I don’t really want ever again, I’d really like to know what it is that I’ve done that is so “fuck” worthy?  He’s accused me of libel and harassment, then admitted to doing the two things I did to earn the accusation of libel and harassment.  So really, what exactly is Bill’s beef with me?  He keeps saying I’m so close to crossing some imaginary line in his mind, but really all I’ve done is ask some questions, be constantly willing to retract anything he can prove I got wrong (which hilariously so far, he’s rather quickly tweeted that I got it exactly right) and shine a light on his behaviors and actions.  Like “cunt-hair away.”  Maybe I should be thankful that it wasn’t an anus/ass/butt crack/poop flake reference.  I’m not sure I feel all that better about it.

So again, I ask Bill to stop with the grandstanding and get into specifics.  And remember, you posted a series of twits that exactly replicated what I accused you of in my question on Pornography, and you’ve now admitted to deleting twitter accounts, and by therefore doing so, deleting tweets.  Not to mention, I’ve at least two other, already put forth, examples of where you deleted tweets elsewhere.  Also, I add this.

So come clean, Bill.  I’ve offered numerous times the chance to get a retraction from me.  And do remember, that the opportunity to retract is a key component of the law.  I’ve given you more and more chances to convince me that I’m wrong.

And I’ve asked specific retractions from you a number of times, with specific reasons as to why your statements were incorrect and defaming.  So, again…  You’ve never asked for a retraction you’ve backed up with facts.  (I admit that’s a caveat, I don’t recall you ever asking me for a retraction, but could be wrong).  I’ve asked for several, with the reasoning behind them, and you’ve ignored them.  Plus I wonder how much potentially harassing communication I can pull from my little blog here.  How many times have you accused me of something vile and digesting with absolutely nothing to back it up.

So Bill, either point out how I’m “fucking you” or shut up.  Any other move is not in your best interest, I don’t care how straight shooting you say you are.  Or any other allusions to threats you want to throw at me.  But here’s one thing I do promise you, Bill.  I’m much much much farther away from fucking you than a “cunt-hair.”

Space & Rocket Center refinances existing debt – WAFF-TV: News, Weather and Sports for Huntsville, AL

Space & Rocket Center refinances existing debt – WAFF-TV: News, Weather and Sports for Huntsville, AL.


This is really awesome news.  I think I’ve shown my love of the Space & Rocket Center lately, and the fact that they have managed to reduce the debt so much is awesome.  And that they’ve finally managed to zero their line of credit, also awesome.

I mentioned a past CEO that really screwed them over.  Included in that was the building of a Saturn V replica while a real Saturn V rotted in the back of the property, and he swore he had a corporation set up to put every kid in Madison County through Space Camp.  Except, he didn’t.  He was fired and ordered to repay $200,000 that he never did.  Later, he was arrested for unrelated dealings in Texas.  But ever since he was fired, the finances of the center have been shaky.  Good to see it bouncing back into shape.


I’ve hurt his little feelings.

Screenshot 2014-07-15 13.02.04

First of all, I don’t think so.  Truth is an absolute defense against Libel, and since I now have multiple examples of you deleting not only twits, but entire twitter accounts, I’m feeling very armored on that front.  But hey, you want to spend the $400, feel free.  I could use a vacation, and Maryland sounds grand.  Lots of things I could take pictures of up there, I’m sure.

As for the copyright violation, I’m fairly certain my use of any of your copyrighted works, which has been limited to less than two sentences off your blog page and twitter posts (twitter posts aren’t a copyright violation, btw.  Go read the terms of service.  Seems you enjoy doing that lately.)

So in other words, you’re just threatening legal action just because you don’t like what has been said about you.  Just like you threatened harassment charges against me, even though you knew you had absolutely no case to do so.  Well, if I were you, I’d concentrate on good old Hoge for a while.  You’ve enough on your plate with him.  But if you really feel like you want to come after me for posting a post sent to me by someone else, that seems to pretty solidly make its case, fine.  Unlike you, I’ve always offered to make a retraction to anything that I get wrong.

So, what was wrong in that post, Bill?


Screenshot 2014-07-15 13.36.16

So here is Bill, claiming he has not deleted any tweets, he’s just deleted accounts.  What does “go bye bye” mean in this situation? That they are, perhaps, deleted?  I mean, seriously, what does “go bye bye” to tweets mean?

Funny, I’ve had only one twitter account.  I’ve had two personal blogs, I moved to WordPress when Livejournal looked like it was closing.  I’ve never done more than change the theme on either blog.  I do have two Facebook accounts, one that I lost the password to back in 2007 so, and have had the same Facebook account since then.

Now I ask, how many different web pages has Bill had in the past three months.  I ask how many twitter accounts has he made “go bye bye” in the past year?  Then I have to wonder, why in the world anyone would think he hasn’t memory holed or hidden things.


Bill has now admitted that when he deleted his twitter accounts he deleted all the twits associated with that twitter account.  So, it can’t be true that he never deleted a twit.  He’s admitted to deleting lots of twits.  Scores of twits.  Mountains of twits.  In a cycle.  Every time he changed his radio station.

Screenshot 2014-07-15 15.21.59

Except…  why did he delete so many radio stations, websites, and everything else?  Maybe it isn’t nefarious, but it is suspicious.  The rate that things come and go on the websites of his control is bizarre and confusing.  Keeping in mind that the DMCA takedown filled by Bill at WordPress was confusing enough that WordPress removed the wrong things, at least if his version is believed.  At the very least, like much of his writings and actions, confusion abounds.

Of course, that ignores twits that he made that ended up getting the account suspended for violating the ToS of Twitter.  Can’t forget those, can we?

What They Really Meant To Say…

What he meant to say“One of the major difficulties Trillian experienced in her relationship with Zaphood was learning to distinguish between him pretending to be stupid just to get people off their guard, pretending to be stupid because he couldn’t be bothered to think and wanted someone else to do it for him, pretending to be outrageously stupid to hide the fact that he actually didn’t understand what was going on, and really being genuinely stupid. He was renowned for being amazingly clever and quite clearly was so—but not all the time, which obviously worried him, hence, the act. He preferred people to be puzzled rather than contemptuous.”

-Douglas Adams, Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy

William M. Schmalfeldt of Elkridge, MD is a Liar.

This was sent to me anonymously.  I find it interesting and compelling.  I’m sure that a few tweets from Mr. Schmalfeldt could clear this up.  Again, neither I nor Patrick Grady wrote this, and it was sent to me anonymously, so I don’t know who the original writer is.  I have my ideas, though.  I’ll add that whoever wrote this was writing before Schmalfeldt left the WordPress platform for the WIX platform, and the page that is in question is no longer is available, because once again in less than a month, Schmalfeldt changed his website, making older posts disappear.  

Post title:  William M. Schmalfeldt of Elkridge, MD Is a Liar

That’s a damn provocative title, yeah?

July 10, 2014, William M. Schmalfeldt of Elkridge, MD published the following at his most recent pre-memory-holed blog (It may be memory holed now, – your host):


He says “I haven’t deleted a thing from from Twitter. Sorry. But you’re just wrong.”

No. Not wrong.  Bill is a liar. A lying liar. Who lies. He sucks in fro yo (which almost rhymes with mayo, and is also creamy, gooey and delicious, or so I’ve been told) and vomits intentional falsehoods.  The damn liar.

You see, back on April 27, 2014, Karoli Kuns posted a profile of professional victim (and damn liar) William M. Schmalfeldt of Elkridge, MD at Crooks and Liars (WARNING: this is an INDIRECT link to it).  A friend of mine engaged in a one way Twitter conversation with Karoli later that same day, and he noted, and wondered if Karoli had bothered to note as well, that the Twitter timeline of professional victim and damn liar William M. Schmalfeldt of Elkridge, MD (who was then using the handle @PatOmbudsman, which has itself been deleted from Twitter – can you imagine?) was blank between January 30, 2014 and April 19, 2014:


My “excellent friend” found this to be more than strange, this two and a half month gap in the now-deleted timeline (wait – deleted? Hmph. That is strange.) of @PatOmbudsman, a/k/a professional lying victim William M. Schmalfeldt of Elkridge, MD, one of the most prolific Twitter users around.  He found it very strange because he remembered some quite extraordinary activity taking place during that verified and documented “dead period.”  He even had screen caps of the day in February 2014 when the documented liar William M. Schmalfeldt of Elkridge, MD doxed him and publicized it on Twitter (where his handle at that time was @2014Radio – another handle that no longer exists):

20140711-233909-85149642 20140711-233909-85149772 20140711-233909-85149514 20140711-233909-85149389

And he had screen caps of the day in March 2014 when adjudicated harasser and documented liar William M. Schmalfeldt of Elkridge, MD contacted his employer in an obvious and misguided attempt to get him fired:

20140711-234939-85779228 20140711-234939-85779344 20140711-234938-85778995 20140711-234939-85779111 20140711-234939-85779703 20140711-234939-85779586 20140711-234939-85779463

That didn’t work out so well for adjudicated serial harasser, documented, proven liar, serial faildoxer and EPIC practical joke victim William M. Schmalfeldt of Elkridge, MD.

So I wonder…if he “[hasn’t] deleted a thing on Twitter,” and his timeline (for an account which has been, um, well, this is kind of awkward…DELETED) was blank from January 30, 2014 to April 19, 2014, then how can Palatine Pundit have all this documented evidence of tweets authored by adjudicated harasser, documented liar and serial faildoxer William M. Schmalfeldt of Elkridge, MD, concerning things that adjudicated harasser, proven liar and he admits having done (though to be honest he does quibble – merely a lesser form of lying – about his motives), tweets that, according to William M. Schmalfeldt of Elkridge, MD, who has “never deleted a thing on Twitter. Sorry. But you’re wrong,” CANNOT EVER HAVE EXISTED?

Either William M. Schmalfeldt of Elkridge, MD is a liar, or he must provide an explanation.

Now, where did I leave that doom clock?



I am not oblivious to yesterday’s kerfuffle.  I’ve been fighting an illness that finally won for a while yesterday.  High fever and was pretty weak, so I limited myself to just reading.  I got many chuckles.  Also, I luckily avoided the doom clock of 8pm last night, since I didn’t participate in any way yesterday.  Feeling slightly better today.

I will say that I think some pretty creative truth twisting occurred, and I wish a I could see the entire email sent to WordPress.  I suspect there is good reason why that hasn’t been provided.  Based on what has been provided, I’m not as convinced as certain people would like me to be that the NASA pictures where not asked to be removed.  From the four part twit that was sent, starting with the screen page of site, it would seem that the argument being made was those post violated federal law and the demand that his blog, in its entirety, be taken down.  Since WordPress is a free speech fighter, I think that it is clear that WordPress wouldn’t do that.  In fact, I suspect that WordPress will now fight any attempt to get information on any user from this fellow.  Oh I’m sure they were sweetness and light to him while corresponding with him, but I doubt they are pleased with him at all.