I am not oblivious to yesterday’s kerfuffle.  I’ve been fighting an illness that finally won for a while yesterday.  High fever and was pretty weak, so I limited myself to just reading.  I got many chuckles.  Also, I luckily avoided the doom clock of 8pm last night, since I didn’t participate in any way yesterday.  Feeling slightly better today.

I will say that I think some pretty creative truth twisting occurred, and I wish a I could see the entire email sent to WordPress.  I suspect there is good reason why that hasn’t been provided.  Based on what has been provided, I’m not as convinced as certain people would like me to be that the NASA pictures where not asked to be removed.  From the four part twit that was sent, starting with the screen page of Copyright.gov site, it would seem that the argument being made was those post violated federal law and the demand that his blog, in its entirety, be taken down.  Since WordPress is a free speech fighter, I think that it is clear that WordPress wouldn’t do that.  In fact, I suspect that WordPress will now fight any attempt to get information on any user from this fellow.  Oh I’m sure they were sweetness and light to him while corresponding with him, but I doubt they are pleased with him at all.