I’ve hurt his little feelings.

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First of all, I don’t think so.  Truth is an absolute defense against Libel, and since I now have multiple examples of you deleting not only twits, but entire twitter accounts, I’m feeling very armored on that front.  But hey, you want to spend the $400, feel free.  I could use a vacation, and Maryland sounds grand.  Lots of things I could take pictures of up there, I’m sure.

As for the copyright violation, I’m fairly certain my use of any of your copyrighted works, which has been limited to less than two sentences off your blog page and twitter posts (twitter posts aren’t a copyright violation, btw.  Go read the terms of service.  Seems you enjoy doing that lately.)

So in other words, you’re just threatening legal action just because you don’t like what has been said about you.  Just like you threatened harassment charges against me, even though you knew you had absolutely no case to do so.  Well, if I were you, I’d concentrate on good old Hoge for a while.  You’ve enough on your plate with him.  But if you really feel like you want to come after me for posting a post sent to me by someone else, that seems to pretty solidly make its case, fine.  Unlike you, I’ve always offered to make a retraction to anything that I get wrong.

So, what was wrong in that post, Bill?


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So here is Bill, claiming he has not deleted any tweets, he’s just deleted accounts.  What does “go bye bye” mean in this situation? That they are, perhaps, deleted?  I mean, seriously, what does “go bye bye” to tweets mean?

Funny, I’ve had only one twitter account.  I’ve had two personal blogs, I moved to WordPress when Livejournal looked like it was closing.  I’ve never done more than change the theme on either blog.  I do have two Facebook accounts, one that I lost the password to back in 2007 so, and have had the same Facebook account since then.

Now I ask, how many different web pages has Bill had in the past three months.  I ask how many twitter accounts has he made “go bye bye” in the past year?  Then I have to wonder, why in the world anyone would think he hasn’t memory holed or hidden things.


Bill has now admitted that when he deleted his twitter accounts he deleted all the twits associated with that twitter account.  So, it can’t be true that he never deleted a twit.  He’s admitted to deleting lots of twits.  Scores of twits.  Mountains of twits.  In a cycle.  Every time he changed his radio station.

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Except…  why did he delete so many radio stations, websites, and everything else?  Maybe it isn’t nefarious, but it is suspicious.  The rate that things come and go on the websites of his control is bizarre and confusing.  Keeping in mind that the DMCA takedown filled by Bill at WordPress was confusing enough that WordPress removed the wrong things, at least if his version is believed.  At the very least, like much of his writings and actions, confusion abounds.

Of course, that ignores twits that he made that ended up getting the account suspended for violating the ToS of Twitter.  Can’t forget those, can we?

17 thoughts on “I’ve hurt his little feelings.

  1. Check Hoge’s blog under the comments for Prevarication of the Day (I think). Someone left a list of tweets that Schmalfeldt deleted from his current account from just one day in early July. He is currently using that account.

  2. Actually, Bill’s lying about the radio station’s twitter accounts too. While he was going through his “radio station” phase, he usually kept 2 twitter accounts, one that announced what was now playing, and the other for #feltdowns and threats and funeral planning. I’m sure someone with an archive can tell you the names.

    It was already mentioned he lied outright about deleting tweets when it was proven conclusively that he deleted 2 months worth of tweets (Feb. and March) while claiming he had taken the account private.

    He has so many different versions of the truth swirling around in that empty head of his he doesn’t know which one is which.

  3. You’re not hurting his little feelings. He thrives off the attention you give him. It’s gives his pathetic life “meaning.” You’re feeding him.

    • You make it sound like bear-baiting, HKK. That would be mean.
      Just trying to remember, but Bill attacked Hoge for reporting on Kimberlin (the convicted bomber, forger, perjurer, etc.). Michael actually came to Bill’s defense; then Michael learned “the rest of the story”. So Michael called filth filth. Bill was rude to Michael and Michael gave him lattitude. Bill got ruder, and Michael called him on it. Finally Bill showed his true colors and Michael, like all who have tried before him, finally had to impose sanctions on Bill.
      Nah, not bear-baiting; more like poking a venus flytrap to watch the sub-instinctive reaction hardwired into it’s vascular system. Maybe like watching a slinky “walk” down stairs; nothing conscious, just a physical response to gravity. There certainly doesn’t seem to be anymore comprehension than those analogies will allow.

      • Oh no, I don’t think it’s bear baiting at all. I meant it exactly the way I said it.

        The crazy man’s feelings weren’t hurt. He’s crazy. We all know he’s crazy. Hell, HE probably knows he’s crazy, but he just can’t help himself.

        He thrives on this stuff. If he wasn’t a creepy internet stalker, he’d have nothing/be nothing. It’s almost sad that no one really cares about him – except maybe his wife, but we can’t be too sure there, either – but he did it to himself. He’s made his pathetic life. But he cannot be ignored! He won’t be recognized for being famous, talented, good-looking, intelligent, kind, or anything else positive because he possesses none of those traits. So instead, he feeds off all of the negative attention just like a naughty toddler. Which is appropriate, because he has the emotional maturity of a toddler.

        He is self-important. (No one is as smart or clever as Bill Schmalfeldt! After all, just look at what a great success he is!) When someone dares to challenge him in any way he is determined to show that he is right, dammit! This whole fiasco gives his pathetic little life meaning that it wouldn’t have otherwise simply because he is so incredibly pathetic. So no, his feelings weren’t hurt, and yes, he feeds off this.

        NOM, NOM, NOM, NOM, NOM…

      • I agree; but you left such a beautiful springboard.
        Now you leave me thinking of some old first run Star Trek monster mindlessly gobbling up sewage and growing bigger and more obnoxious.

  4. Every time a communique of any sort from The Elkridge Horror is posted, it is instantaneously captured and preserved for letter use in a court of law with proper authentication by professionals. In other words, his admissions against interests, his outright falsehoods and his statements underscoring his conspiracies as well as criminal activities are preserved for pending litigation. He has dug his grave, so to speak and will be presented with this evidence at a proper time and place.

  5. Check the number of tweets in his timeline this morning. It’s only half the number from yesterday.

  6. seems he finally realized that 4part DMCA email with only the NASA blog posts listed as violating his contract didn’t really bolster his argument that he didnt ask WordPress to take them down, since it is now deleted…


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