William M. Schmalfeldt of Elkridge, MD is a Liar.

This was sent to me anonymously.  I find it interesting and compelling.  I’m sure that a few tweets from Mr. Schmalfeldt could clear this up.  Again, neither I nor Patrick Grady wrote this, and it was sent to me anonymously, so I don’t know who the original writer is.  I have my ideas, though.  I’ll add that whoever wrote this was writing before Schmalfeldt left the WordPress platform for the WIX platform, and the page that is in question is no longer is available, because once again in less than a month, Schmalfeldt changed his website, making older posts disappear.  

Post title:  William M. Schmalfeldt of Elkridge, MD Is a Liar

That’s a damn provocative title, yeah?

July 10, 2014, William M. Schmalfeldt of Elkridge, MD published the following at his most recent pre-memory-holed blog (It may be memory holed now, – your host):


He says “I haven’t deleted a thing from from Twitter. Sorry. But you’re just wrong.”

No. Not wrong.  Bill is a liar. A lying liar. Who lies. He sucks in fro yo (which almost rhymes with mayo, and is also creamy, gooey and delicious, or so I’ve been told) and vomits intentional falsehoods.  The damn liar.

You see, back on April 27, 2014, Karoli Kuns posted a profile of professional victim (and damn liar) William M. Schmalfeldt of Elkridge, MD at Crooks and Liars (WARNING: this is an INDIRECT link to it).  A friend of mine engaged in a one way Twitter conversation with Karoli later that same day, and he noted, and wondered if Karoli had bothered to note as well, that the Twitter timeline of professional victim and damn liar William M. Schmalfeldt of Elkridge, MD (who was then using the handle @PatOmbudsman, which has itself been deleted from Twitter – can you imagine?) was blank between January 30, 2014 and April 19, 2014:


My “excellent friend” found this to be more than strange, this two and a half month gap in the now-deleted timeline (wait – deleted? Hmph. That is strange.) of @PatOmbudsman, a/k/a professional lying victim William M. Schmalfeldt of Elkridge, MD, one of the most prolific Twitter users around.  He found it very strange because he remembered some quite extraordinary activity taking place during that verified and documented “dead period.”  He even had screen caps of the day in February 2014 when the documented liar William M. Schmalfeldt of Elkridge, MD doxed him and publicized it on Twitter (where his handle at that time was @2014Radio – another handle that no longer exists):

20140711-233909-85149642 20140711-233909-85149772 20140711-233909-85149514 20140711-233909-85149389

And he had screen caps of the day in March 2014 when adjudicated harasser and documented liar William M. Schmalfeldt of Elkridge, MD contacted his employer in an obvious and misguided attempt to get him fired:

20140711-234939-85779228 20140711-234939-85779344 20140711-234938-85778995 20140711-234939-85779111 20140711-234939-85779703 20140711-234939-85779586 20140711-234939-85779463

That didn’t work out so well for adjudicated serial harasser, documented, proven liar, serial faildoxer and EPIC practical joke victim William M. Schmalfeldt of Elkridge, MD.

So I wonder…if he “[hasn’t] deleted a thing on Twitter,” and his timeline (for an account which has been, um, well, this is kind of awkward…DELETED) was blank from January 30, 2014 to April 19, 2014, then how can Palatine Pundit have all this documented evidence of tweets authored by adjudicated harasser, documented liar and serial faildoxer William M. Schmalfeldt of Elkridge, MD, concerning things that adjudicated harasser, proven liar and he admits having done (though to be honest he does quibble – merely a lesser form of lying – about his motives), tweets that, according to William M. Schmalfeldt of Elkridge, MD, who has “never deleted a thing on Twitter. Sorry. But you’re wrong,” CANNOT EVER HAVE EXISTED?

Either William M. Schmalfeldt of Elkridge, MD is a liar, or he must provide an explanation.

Now, where did I leave that doom clock?



38 thoughts on “William M. Schmalfeldt of Elkridge, MD is a Liar.

  1. You know that tweet with the photo of the Santa Claus-like figure raping another man? Do you know where that came from? Stacy McCain blogged or tweeted something that Schmalfeldt didn’t like, and Schmalfeldt tweeted that image to McCain multiple times, accompanied by the usual gutter language.

    As I write this, have no doubt that he is filing a DMCA takedown notice, so be prepared to respond with a counter. By the way, tweets are not copyrightable. Calling someone a liar, as Schmalfeldt does repeatedly, does not rise to the level of libel in most cases, including this one. Of course, truth is an absolute defense.

  2. Follow up – when the @parkypundit took that Santa photo and tweeted it like you see above, what followed was a meltdown by Schmalfeldt over the fact that someone had done that. He completely disregarded that he had tweeted that multiple times to McCain just a day or so before. I think it may have been part of a tantrum where he also called McCain’s son gay, but that may have been another time.

      • You should have seen the meltdown he had when I re-tweeted a picture someone made of him as one of the aliens from Men in Black. They turned him into a Ballchinian. I sent it to one person and one of my followers found it. They posted it on Hoge’s site and everyone saw it. Anyway, BS had a complete meltdown. Over a character from a PG-13 movie. Imagine what he would have done if they had made him into Teen Wolf.

  3. The use of that picture is one of the best examples of my favorite Schmalfeldt game called Steal That Meme. To play take any particular phrase or image he seems to have latched onto, turn it around and repurpose it to your advantage and his disadvantage. Drives him bugshit.

      • Things stolen from a certain person:

        “DOOM Clock”
        An entire blog about John Hoge, which is now (in part) the subject of a lawsuit
        “Fan Fiction”

        There are so many others.

      • Michael,
        Not exactly. He claimed he was “ashamed.” I have my doubts about that given his typical behavior, and since this was close to the time that Karoli Kuns wrote a post in his support. He also wrote, in either a deleted tweet or a deleted blog, that he had promised someone he would behave. Make of this what you will. I know what I think.

      • Also, coming soon to a comment section near you:

        “Cheap, Terrible Wine”
        “Cunt-Hair Away”

        Don’t really know what that second one means, but it’s catchy and someone will run with it.

      • Prime example is the Krendler Parody which Krendler then sold the rights to Hoge. Originally that piece was written by Schmalfeldt about Hoge. Krendler retooled it and fired it right back at him and dumbass went nuclear.

        Most of the Hogewash crowd will gladly call themselves Lickspittles. I hear there are coffe coffee cups.

        When dumbass tried to call Hoge the Grand High Hog, John stole that and ran with it like a mad dog with a bone.

        Another example is “felon”. He calls me that sometimes because he thought he doxed me to a guy in Tampa with an arrest record. I took it and revelled in it. For a while my sign off catch phrase for a comment was “Gotta go. Gotta go do crimes!”. I even wrapped it around a Dr. Who schtick and started doing crimes in time and all manner of terrible things to Black Betty’s pony when she was a litle girl.

        Note the declaration of the office of The Phot Editor of the NASA with much pomp and circumstance.

        Watch for more uses of the word “tinge” to crop up when Schmally’s writing gets anywhere near anyone who is not glowy white.

        Schmalfeldt is the tiny little irritating grain of sand in the oyster of the internet that serves as the nucleus around which the pearly antics we enjoy may grow. If you have any other metaphors laying around which need to be stretched out of shape let me know.

      • Black Betty –

        I’ve heard machinists use the term a “cunt-hair’s thickness” to refer to something either very thin, or more normally, something slightly oversized. “It’s just a cunt-hair away from fitting” means slightly oversized, so I think we have our context.

        English version: You’re this close from crossing my line, buddy.

      • No, what he said was I was a “cunt-hair” from fucking him. And that’s just nasty. Besides, he already said I crossed the threshold.

      • Michael –

        I’m not saying it’s not nasty, I’m just giving the context I’ve personally heard the phrase used in.

        “A gnat’s whisker” is a similar, cleaner, metaphor. Although “A gnat’s whisker from fucking me” would still be nasty, the other half stands on its own. I’m still going with the English translation of you’re about to cross the line buddy.

        On a related note, “Balls out” and “Balls to the wall” are non-sexual terms, they mean full throttle. And “Balls on chin” means freakin hillarious.
        Beware, he may try to dox you. /sarc

  4. “@wmsbroadcasting: And I have not deleted any tweets. I have changed accounts, and those tweets go bye bye.. I have not “memory holed” anything. Not my style.”

    What exactly is the Deranged Cyberstalker and Adjudicated Harasser Bill Schmalfeldt saying here?

    Is he saying he simply deactivates one Twitter account and then starts a new Twitter account? If so… that very much is a form of “memory holing” tweets.

    OR, is he claiming he simply changes the @ handle of a Twitter account — as he has not only done numerous times before, but has admitted to having done numerous times before? Because if that is what he is claiming, simply changing one’s @ handle on a Twitter account does NOT make “tweets go bye bye.”

    Either way… the Deranged Cyberstalker and Adjudicated Harasser Bill Schmalfeldt proves himself YET AGAIN to be a liar.

  5. And you can be sure, if (big IF) his counterclaim moves forward, I will not be so stupid as to trumpet across cyberspace how I plan to proceed.

    You can’t deflect what you don’t see coming.

    • And if by some luck in November he is allowed to add me and wordpress and everyone else, I’ll make Hoge look like a babbling school girl. And as a reader, I think Hoge doesn’t talk enough.

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