WTF? What is he talking about?

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First, I’m pointing out this specific tweet because, once again, I have never used any foul imagery when discussing Bill Schmalfeldt, but this is not the first time that he has used it with me.  I’ve told him to “Fuck Off,” especially when he was threatening my family and my kids with exposure.  But I never said I was going to “fuck” him.

And while I suppose I’m a “cunt-hair” away from fucking him, which is a mental image I don’t really want ever again, I’d really like to know what it is that I’ve done that is so “fuck” worthy?  He’s accused me of libel and harassment, then admitted to doing the two things I did to earn the accusation of libel and harassment.  So really, what exactly is Bill’s beef with me?  He keeps saying I’m so close to crossing some imaginary line in his mind, but really all I’ve done is ask some questions, be constantly willing to retract anything he can prove I got wrong (which hilariously so far, he’s rather quickly tweeted that I got it exactly right) and shine a light on his behaviors and actions.  Like “cunt-hair away.”  Maybe I should be thankful that it wasn’t an anus/ass/butt crack/poop flake reference.  I’m not sure I feel all that better about it.

So again, I ask Bill to stop with the grandstanding and get into specifics.  And remember, you posted a series of twits that exactly replicated what I accused you of in my question on Pornography, and you’ve now admitted to deleting twitter accounts, and by therefore doing so, deleting tweets.  Not to mention, I’ve at least two other, already put forth, examples of where you deleted tweets elsewhere.  Also, I add this.

So come clean, Bill.  I’ve offered numerous times the chance to get a retraction from me.  And do remember, that the opportunity to retract is a key component of the law.  I’ve given you more and more chances to convince me that I’m wrong.

And I’ve asked specific retractions from you a number of times, with specific reasons as to why your statements were incorrect and defaming.  So, again…  You’ve never asked for a retraction you’ve backed up with facts.  (I admit that’s a caveat, I don’t recall you ever asking me for a retraction, but could be wrong).  I’ve asked for several, with the reasoning behind them, and you’ve ignored them.  Plus I wonder how much potentially harassing communication I can pull from my little blog here.  How many times have you accused me of something vile and digesting with absolutely nothing to back it up.

So Bill, either point out how I’m “fucking you” or shut up.  Any other move is not in your best interest, I don’t care how straight shooting you say you are.  Or any other allusions to threats you want to throw at me.  But here’s one thing I do promise you, Bill.  I’m much much much farther away from fucking you than a “cunt-hair.”


9 thoughts on “WTF? What is he talking about?

  1. Bill is full of crap. He loves to talk tough, but has nothing to back it up. He’s threatened to add so many people to his counter-claim that I’ve lost track. Notice how none of those people is the least bit intimidated? They know he’s full of crap. He’s told so many lies that he can’t keep them straight. And now that people are calling him out, he resorts to threats. Bit they’re empty threats. He’s got nothing, and he knows it.

    • Even the people who are ON his counterclaim aren’t intimidated.

      Which should tell you something.

  2. What you have done to BS is to add a new voice exposing him as a pernicious buffoon. He absolutely cannot stand such exposure. He views himself as a sagacious, fearless fellow, and every time he is exposed to be otherwise, which is multiple times a day, he believes himself wronged.

    You have been reasonable with him in tone and tolerance, but you do keep asking him questions, which he cannot answer truthfully and maintain his grandiose self-illusions. So he does what he does best: vituperate, obfuscate, and bluster at the top of his cyber-lungs.

    • Someone needs to screencap that EPIC meltdown before a certain somebody sends it down the memoryhole…. errr….. I mean…. deletes their account (sending it down the memoryhole).

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