Oh No! Did Bill Admit To Illegal Activity?

So today we found out that Bill Schmalfeldt started using an automatic tweet deleter that deletes all tweets older than 7 days.  That started on May 27th 29.  Interesting post can be found on Hogewash on May 27.

Beginning in late April, Bill Schmalfeldt began publishing a series of defamatory books and ebooks which used copyrighted works that I own. I advised the publishers of the infringement, and the books and ebooks were withdrawn from their catalogs. On 15 May, Schmalfeldt published the following on his Patriot-Ombudsman blog:

Here is my official DMCA Takedown Counterclaim.  Hoge … [has] until June 4 AT THE LATEST to file suit against me in US District Court for the District of Maryland.

This morning, I filed in the Southern Division of the U. S. District Court for the District of Maryland a lawsuit against William M. Schmalfedlt. The suit alleges 124 counts of copyright infringement since August, 2013.

– WJJ Hoge on his blog on May 27th, the day WM Schmalfeldt started auto-deleting tweets

I don’t believe that the suit hit PACER until June 5th, but it is clear it was filed earlier.  So why would Schmalfeldt decided to start auto-deleting tweets on the 27th29th?  Could it be that he got wind of a lawsuit that was filed against him on that daytwo days earlier, which heavily revolved around tweets?

Even if he set up the auto delete program, there is a strong argument that he shouldn’t have been deleting anything that may be used in a pending court case considering the DMCA Counterclaim he filed against Hoge didn’t expire until June 4th.  Purposefully deleting things surrounding that DMCA Counterclaim would be, in fact, deleting potential evidence if Hoge decided to pursue it.  And he did.

But even better, after being officially notified of the suit, the fact that he is continually deleting these tweets after getting the suit, and all while threatening to expand his counterclaim based on things posted after he filed his counterclaims, goes to show that Bill isn’t as smart as he thinks.  He willfully deleted evidence in a pending trial, evidence he himself was expounding on.  It is reasonable to assume Hoge would use his continuing tweets against him, but he gleefully continued deleting.

Wow.  The Hubris.


I was wrong. The proper date was May 29. So two days after Hoge announced his lawsuit. I’ll be updating above and just have to say this looks worse and worse.

Update II
From looking at comments on the above mentioned Hogewash post, Bill posted to a now memory holed blog on or before the 28th admitting to seeing Hoge’s post about the lawsuit. And yet, on the 29th he starts the deleting. Interesting. Maybe he’ll blame me for that too.

The Nefarious Lies of Bill Schmalfeldt

So I found this…

Screenshot 2014-07-16 15.21.01

Oh, but Mr. Schmalfeldt, the man who threatened me with lawsuits all day yesterday for so much as suggesting that you delete tweets, and now we find out you’ve been deleting tweets over 7 days old on a regular basis.  Because, it makes your timeline harder to “Stalk?”  Thanks for the information, Mr. Schmalfeldt.  Good to know you spent all day yesterday lying about deleting tweets.  About how you don’t memory hole things.  But really, now you’re admitting to doing just that.

So, let me ask you something.  Every time I’ve called you out and you got upset, you spend the next several days proving, repeatedly, that I am right.  Why is that?

Why were so many of your tweets between January and April missing?

Why did you delete the tweet about how much you liked meeting Brett Kimberland?

Why did you lie about reporting Hoge to NASA and/or about not reporting him to NASA.  That was convoluted.  But boy was it a fun day.

You’ve been lying about so much lately, it’s not even funny anymore.  It’s just pathetic.  The Photo Editor of NASA?  The Legal Department?  WordPress?  Seriously Bill, like you have any credibility left.

Excuse me?

I have a new question for Mr. “I Don’t Delete Tweets” Schmalfeldt. What happened to all your tweets prior to 7/9/14?

I certainly hope they didn’t get deleted. I mean, the day after I post a Section 230 protected post from an anonymous source accusing Schmalfeldt of deleting tweets, and Schmalfeldt threatening I was a “cunt-hair” away from being sued for libel, it sure wouldn’t look good for him to mass delete tweets.

So do share the answer to this question, Mr. Schmalfeldt. Where are all your tweets prior to 7/9/14?

Also, can Mr. Schmalfeldt explain the difference between this screenshot taken at 9pm last night:


And this one taken this morning at 11:50?


My goodness, it would seem that 302 tweets, 79 pieces of imagery and one follower have vanished! You need not explain the follower.


Due to the fact that Mr. Schmalfeldt has been tweeting all morning long, the number of deleted missing tweets is most likely higher.  The 302 figure is just from comparing a 9pm and nearly noon snapshots.

Update II:

According to this comment at Hogewash!, the four part email, that was still incomplete, Mr. Schmalfeldt tweeted as proof that he didn’t ask WordPress to do anything about the NASA posts are missing?  Is this true, Mr. Schmalfeldt?

Another user found them somewhere in his convoluted timeline.  Thanks, nir!

And now, something completely different…