Excuse me?

I have a new question for Mr. “I Don’t Delete Tweets” Schmalfeldt. What happened to all your tweets prior to 7/9/14?

I certainly hope they didn’t get deleted. I mean, the day after I post a Section 230 protected post from an anonymous source accusing Schmalfeldt of deleting tweets, and Schmalfeldt threatening I was a “cunt-hair” away from being sued for libel, it sure wouldn’t look good for him to mass delete tweets.

So do share the answer to this question, Mr. Schmalfeldt. Where are all your tweets prior to 7/9/14?

Also, can Mr. Schmalfeldt explain the difference between this screenshot taken at 9pm last night:


And this one taken this morning at 11:50?


My goodness, it would seem that 302 tweets, 79 pieces of imagery and one follower have vanished! You need not explain the follower.


Due to the fact that Mr. Schmalfeldt has been tweeting all morning long, the number of deleted missing tweets is most likely higher.  The 302 figure is just from comparing a 9pm and nearly noon snapshots.

Update II:

According to this comment at Hogewash!, the four part email, that was still incomplete, Mr. Schmalfeldt tweeted as proof that he didn’t ask WordPress to do anything about the NASA posts are missing?  Is this true, Mr. Schmalfeldt?

Another user found them somewhere in his convoluted timeline.  Thanks, nir!


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  1. I notice he deleted his 4 part email to WordPress where in he lists all the NASA blogs (but none of his own) as violating his copyright..
    funny how WordPress mistook them to be the one’s he was complaining about innit?


  2. I’d like to say that nothing Bill does surprises me. But this is a fuckup of immeasurable proportions. Why, in the name of God, would he make such a big deal about not serially deleting tweets, when a 12 year old can see that he does, only to go ahead and delete half the tweets he has?

    It’s a shame he’s alienated everyone around him to the point that nobody will do the right thing and call him some help. He’s lost his mind.

    • Funny how every time he threatens me with legal action, something happens to prove he does exactly what was posted here claiming that he does.

      Clearly he’s not lost his mind, he is being controlled by someone. That’s the only explanation.

  3. Controlled by someone or something. Perhaps the butt-stuff magazine currently sitting next to his keyboard.

  4. Plain and simple, Bill Schmalfeldt is a liar. He has no credibility, and nothing he says is believable.

      • But those people are important too. There is now a record, on the public, about him defending himself over never deleting a tweet, only to find several hundred tweets missing. Any newcomer to the discussion should find that interesting and telling. Of course, since he hasn’t responded, I suppose there is a very simple explanation.

      • I find it INCONTHIEVABLE!! (And yes, that word means what I think it means) that anyone could believe Bill Schmalfeldt has any credibility left at all, much less enough to absorb a hit from an errant feather on a light breeze.

    • he says, “As you can see, I did NOT ask WordPress to remove the NASA photos”, yet every url in that email is a NASA blog…


    • He most certainly did ask them to remove the NASA photos and he did so per the standards of his very own chain of “reason”.
      His copyright frenzy was driven by the idea that Hoge asserted copyright to the pages of his blog and since the NASA pictures were on the pages CB concatenaed them into the copyright request.
      Well in this instance CB is demanding the removal of the offending URLs aka know as pages (“…my demand to remove the offending URLs…”) and the NASA pictures are on the pages so he is therefore asking for the removal of the photos.
      QED Liar.

  5. He doesn’t delete tweets.
    He stuffs them in his “memory hole” and after a few days there they can’t stand the horror anymore and choose the “graceful exit” leaving CB with his deniable plausability intact.

  6. “I don’t delete tweets. Ever. But it sure would be a terrible thing if someone were hiding in the bushes by their front door with a lead pipe and a baseball bat and when the poor defenceless tweets came out to play he beat on them until their broken, bleeding, and still twitching little 140 character bodies lay slowly cooling and steaming in the early morning chill, uhunh, uhunh, yeah! yeah! that would be be really bad, oh yeah sooobad! mmmmmmm.”

  7. I am laughing out loud at you idiot stalkers. I also wondered why my Tweet count seemed to be getting smaller, so I did the reasonable thing. I checked my profile and saw that I have an automatic delete program that is supposed to delete tweets after seven days. So, my little stalkierinos… Grab that shit QUICK! And make up your OWN reasons about what it means. It’s probably something evil. Yes. Goood! Gooood!

    • I’m approving this comment because, thanks to Bill “I don’t delete tweets” Schmalfeldt, he’s been deleting tweets since May. And yet, he had the gall to threaten me with all sorts of legal action for libel, based on Section 230 covered posts that said that exact thing. Thanks for proving you are a liar, Bill. What happened to “I don’t memory hole, because I have nothing to hide?” It was a lie. How about, “I don’t delete tweets.” It was a lie. Bill can’t seem to do anything but confirm everything I’ve ever said about him.

      The reasons behind them don’t matter. What matters is, Bill lied. Repeatedly. Over and over again. And now it’s on the record. He lied. He is a liar. He can no longer ignore that fact, and since truth is the absolute defense against defamation… it isn’t defamation to call him a liar anymore. He spent all day yesterday obsessed with not deleting tweets (but we now know he does regularly and with a program that does it for him) and all the butt/anus/cunt/shit references. So not only is he a liar, he’s a filthy liar. And a threatening liar to boot.

      And I hope Bill doesn’t mind if I don’t hold my breath prior to Hoge’s incarceration. Oh, and since I’m your mole, I give you permission to post any direct communication between us. I’ll help you out, I’ve never followed you, so you know it wasn’t a DM. So if you include email, make sure you use the full headers.

    • We have been “laughing out loud” at your flabby ass for way longer than that, Admiral Douche-canoe.

    • You’re a liar Bill. Plain and simple. You lie. You lie about little things. You lie about big things. All you know is lying. Nothing you write is believable. And we will comtinue to point out your lies, because that is all you do. You lie.

    • I just went over and checked my profile and sunnuvabitch! there’s an app here just a deletin’ one week old tweets like a little tweeter beaver. Wonder how it got there? Hope it doesn’t delete anything I might need for the this big legal thing I just found out about yesterday.

      One particular measure of his stupidity is how stupid he thinks everybody else is. Like a 5 year old hiding his head under a pillow to escape the monsters.

  8. And…..Bill just admitted he deletes tweets. After threatening Mike over saying just that, turns out he was lying all alone. Either that, or he had no idea that installing something called Tweet Delete would, uh, delete tweets.

    So Bill, which are you? A liar, or a complete and utter moron?

    • I’m going with liar. He has deleted tweets in the past, but only the stupid ones…well, the really, really, really stupid ones…and the ones he got caught lying in….and the ones were he gets pwned…..so in other words, a lot, but not on a regular basis.

      What he is claiming now is that he is going to delete all tweets older then one week. I guess when you tweet as much stupid stuff as he does and lie as much as he does it’s safer to just memory hole EVERYTHING you write. Which begs the question…why write it in the first place?

      • Apparently he has some interpretation of the innuendo you laid out regarding preliminary deficiencies in Hoge’s Copyright lawsuit. He’s convinced himself that failure to register the rights PRIOR to filing the suit is prima fascia fail for Hoge.

        Notwithstanding Herronor’s interpretation of, y’know, the Law; Bill seems to conflate the potential for Hoge’s case to fail with a guaranteed success for his own countersuit.

  9. IYou can download a copy of TweetDelete from the website “Apps Absolutely No One Needs”. It can also be found on the app site “Tools To Help Hide How Dumb and Or Offensive I Am Online”.

    It is critical that you delete your old tweets or else the can get jammed up in the intertubes and cause a backwash of old tweets. A Schmalfeldt FOCUS! eruption in 2013 killed a small clan of inbred Morovatavians on the outskirts of Chicago. Ironically, no one missed either of them.

  10. Why does he need the info he claims to have gotten from you to help with his suit from Hoge? He has already claimed several slam dunk reasons why Hoge cannot win. Including the fact that Heronor said so.

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