The Nefarious Lies of Bill Schmalfeldt

So I found this…

Screenshot 2014-07-16 15.21.01

Oh, but Mr. Schmalfeldt, the man who threatened me with lawsuits all day yesterday for so much as suggesting that you delete tweets, and now we find out you’ve been deleting tweets over 7 days old on a regular basis.  Because, it makes your timeline harder to “Stalk?”  Thanks for the information, Mr. Schmalfeldt.  Good to know you spent all day yesterday lying about deleting tweets.  About how you don’t memory hole things.  But really, now you’re admitting to doing just that.

So, let me ask you something.  Every time I’ve called you out and you got upset, you spend the next several days proving, repeatedly, that I am right.  Why is that?

Why were so many of your tweets between January and April missing?

Why did you delete the tweet about how much you liked meeting Brett Kimberland?

Why did you lie about reporting Hoge to NASA and/or about not reporting him to NASA.  That was convoluted.  But boy was it a fun day.

You’ve been lying about so much lately, it’s not even funny anymore.  It’s just pathetic.  The Photo Editor of NASA?  The Legal Department?  WordPress?  Seriously Bill, like you have any credibility left.


9 thoughts on “The Nefarious Lies of Bill Schmalfeldt

  1. Every time I’ve called you out and you got upset, you spend the next several days proving, repeatedly, that I am right. Why is that?

    Oooh, oooh, I know this one…
    It’s because he’s a moron!!!

  2. And don’t forget that you are a “mole” now Mike. Ohhhhhhhh….I am going to give you such a pinch if I ever meet you. SMH, the troll is a very stupid one. He thinks everyone thinks like him, which, thank God, we don’t.

    • I’m currently approving and replying to a post he made here. It will be hot shortly. I am not giving him the same access he had before, but if he answers relatively directly, yes, I’ll approve them when I see them.

      But since he his banned, his comments go directly to my spam folder. I can’t check that folder from the iOS app, so I won’t be able to check all the time. Only when I’m on the computer. So like, tonight while at work I won’t be approving anything he comments on until I get home.

      • I am seldom 100% sure of almost anything. The timing seems suspicious, but with BS, I am guessing about “deliberate,” a word that implies the capacity for rational forethought. For someone with the impulse control of a 10 week-old puppy, deliberate may be a category that is completely irrelevant. (I do not mean to imply any general equivalence between puppies and BS: puppies certainly have far greater decency and quite probably more common sense.)

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