I’m the stooge.

Let us give Bill Schmalfeldt the benefit of the doubt for a minute.

I know, that makes me exactly what Schmalfeldt has claimed.  His “mole” against Hoge.  Let’s ignore that if I was his mole against Hoge, yesterday’s tweets would ensure that there would never be another mole.  Ever.  Since the alleged person I was helping not only exposed his mole, but left his mole high and dry, instead of taking the mole to the grave.  (Hey Bill, try to get the section 230 identity of my post from me.  I’ll happily spend months in jail protecting my source).  Journalistic ethics and all that.

So, lets assume Bill get’s everything he claims.  Hoge’s copyright suit is dismissed.  Bill’s counterclaim suit goes forward.  Yet on May 27th, Hoge announces his suit against Bill.  On May 29th, Bill starts an 7 day auto delete on his twitter feed, which was central to his defense against Hoge, and pretty important to his counterclaim.  Hoge is high and dry, with no copyright claim (again, we are talking hypothetical) yet Bill’s counterclaim goes forward.  Let’s even assume after Bill’s epic fail with WordPress that WordPress breaks rank and gives up Kendler.  Which after the amazingly bad place Bill put WordPress is doubtful.  (Hey, why do you guys think Bill left the WordPress Platform for Wix?  I mean really.)

Yet, I sank Hoge’s copyright claim.  I’m the reason Bill’s counterclaim was saved.  I’m the reason Bill is fighting in federal court for both Twitter (oh my god, let’s not go there.  He’s so burned that bridge) and WordPress ( holy shit, did WordPress buy into Bill’s claim about NASA posts?) to identify Krendler.  Now, let’s assume it’s moved past the copyright, and Bill is demanding payment for Section 230 protected comments from Hoge.  (Really?  I thought ACME law was better than that.)  So Hoge has his case dismissed, and the counterclaim is going forward.  We’ve reached discovery.

Now let us assume that there is evidence that Schmalfeldt knew by May 28th that a suit was filed, since that can be proven.  Let’s assume that the suit that was filed was dismissed with prejudice, but the counterclaim went forward.  Let’s also assume, because it is true, that the plaintiff in the counter claim waited two days to start deleting tweets on twitter, which was central to the initial suit.  A full 5 days before his DMCA claim expired.

So, As Bill has said, his twitter deletions in this fanciful case is meaningless.  But, the case isn’t over.  He filed a counterclaim, with the full knowledge that he started deleting the tweets central to the original suit.  Oops.  Spoliation of evidence.

What could happen in that case?  Any number of things, but none to the aide of Schmalfeldt.  Best case, Schmaldfeldt’s clear deletion of evidence means that the presumption of negativity falls squarely on Schmalfeldt, which opens the door for Hoge and Krendler to pound Schmalfeldt in the counterclaim for everything and anything they can think of.  And Schmalfeldts only defense is “Yes I deleted those tweets, and they were not in my favor.”  Or the judge could be harsher.  Such as summery judgement.  Or worse.

Schmalfeldt is all shits and giggles right now, but that’s only because he doesn’t understand Section 230 and Spoliation of Evidence.  Me?  I’m the asshole who thought Hoge filed too soon.  My rational thoughts became Bill’s mole, at best.  (I have given Bill full leave to identify how I’m the mole.  Instead of doing so, he just keeps calling me the mole.  Why?  Because he has nothing from me.  Neither email or DM on Twitter.)  Bill’s dive into deleting tweets after learning about Hoge’s lawsuit.  Well, Bill.  I think Kyle said it best.  You need more pillows to cover your head.

One last word.  What kind of jerk spent all day two days ago threatening to sue me for exposing his lies about deleting tweets, and spends all day yesterday claiming I’m his mole and he gladly deletes tweets?  I submit to the internet, you’ve got two choices here.  Believe me, or believe the guy that was proven to lie inside of 24 hours.

And with that, Goodnight, till tomorrow afternoon.


38 thoughts on “I’m the stooge.

  1. Bill expects this insinuation to be plausible, because similar things have often happened to him. As you may know, around March this year, his side was floating the insinuation that Lee Stranahan was going to turn on Kimberlin’s other lawfare victims. Nobody believed this stupid theory either, of course.

  2. Cripes, you hit him so hard he’s still in hiding. One tweet all day.

    You don’t do things halfway, do you?

    I sense a new twitter handle in the offing for old Billy.

  3. Those of us who have watched your education regarding this whole situation that you are not a mole.

  4. I don’t think anyone sane would have any trouble answering that question. 🙂

    And a certain party, who’s entire blog is devoted to Hoooooooge!!11! and the Lickspittles™ or Hogeists™ and who on his own admission spends pretty much his entire day at the computer reading their timelines on blogs and twitter so he can be offended and find stuff to fill his blog calls others obsessed. I do not think that word means what he thinks it means.

  5. Darlin you don’t have any worry on who we believe. I can tell you who we will ALWAYS disbelieve – Cabin Boy Bill. His words are incredible, fantastic and utterly unreal. It’s the crazy that just keeps appearing that astounds.

      • I find his lack of reading comprehension depressing. But then, why read what is written when you can insult and demean and lie on twitter. And how gleefully he embraces his lies, and then ignores them totally and runs 180 degrees away from what he said a mere 24 hours earlier. And he continues to use mockery to ignore direct points and or questions. It’s kinda sad.

  6. And he continues to use mockery to ignore direct points and or questions.

    When you have nothing else, you use what you have (even if it is ineffective).

  7. CB is doing his job. Distraction. Convolution. Picking fights. Getting any attention he can. And he will continue to do it until all the legal stuff is settled. All IMHO.

  8. I doubt anyone sane believes you are a “mole” or anything similar. Some may be disappointed that you pointed out publicly what you viewed to be some of the weaknesses in Hoge’s copyright suit because that educates BS, who desperately needs education in many fields. But, hey, the Internet is not about suppressing information. Most of the Hogeists and certainly Hoge himself are rather strong proponents of free and open communication.

    What is BS trying to do? That of course is a guess because there may be only a few rational reasons to do something, but the number of irrational reasons is astronomical. So my guess is that he is simply trying to cause a falling out between you and what he views, or at least claims to view, as the unthinking mob of Hogeists.

  9. Considering the amount of illegal activity Bill is admitting to today and yesterday, does that make him is own mole?

  10. I’d say one’s hard-earned money is their property. And, BS continues to screech how he’s going to take Mr. Hoge’s hard-earned money based on comments posted to Hogewash!.

    Not to mention his tweets in the past about how others’ homes will be his when it’s all said and done, and he finally reaps his legal victories. Not to mention the same claims regarding wives… but, wives aren’t property, and that crap is just creepy.

    Typical Bill.

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