Public Service Announcement.

Hey guys, I learned something valuable today.

I know many commenters here have sent me comments that were not for publication.  I’m cool with that.

But, not publishing them fills up my comment thread, and I get confused.  My bad.

So what I did is start sending them to the only none auto delete folder I have on WordPress.  Spam.

Unfortunately, once I send a none-publishable comment to spam, all other comments by the same person are considered spam.  Until I “unspam” a comment.

So, if you’ve sent me a comment and it disappears, but you know you sent me a none publishable comment, that might be the cause.  Contact me on twitter, or assuming you have it, email, and I’ll fix it.  I’ll “unspam” your comment, and you are golden.

Sorry for the confusion the last few days.

And as Dalton says, “Be Nice.”

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