Sordid Lives…

This is my weekly posting about my time in theatre.  This week we talk about Sordid Lives, by Del Shores.  The play is about a family in a small town dealing with the various secrets that have been hidden in the closet for too long.  It is a great play, a great movie and a wonderful television series.  Shores has released his latest movie, Southern Baptist Sissies, and I hope he will release it as a play as well.  

I was technical director on another play, Sordid Lives, and it went smashingly well, despite the total disaster my set design turned into.  We made do, and put on a great show.  But the highlight of that show was making the trailer.  Everything else was about half as fun as the night we shot the trailer and publicity photographs.

For one thing, the first gay bar in Huntsville had been closed for renovation.  It was Thursday night, and the bar reopened on Saturday.  But the owner, who was a big fan of Sordid Lives, and the manager both let us use the bar as the location of our shoots.  The big mistake, or should I say brilliant idea, was that since the bar was fully stocked, we got to drink while shooting.  Sordid Lives is not a kid friendly play.  It involves all sorts of adult situations, and being a gay positive play, we had a generous support from the local gay community.  The video and photography shoot quickly became a party.  There was a scene where one of the actors had to pour a shot of whiskey, and of course real whiskey was used.  But the actor had never poured a drink like a bartender would, so it took a few takes to get right… and well one should never let whiskey go to waste, should one?

So here is the trailer, in all of it’s concupiscent glory.  I hope you enjoy watching it a tenth of as much as we enjoyed making it.