Space & Rocket Center refinances existing debt – WAFF-TV: News, Weather and Sports for Huntsville, AL

Space & Rocket Center refinances existing debt – WAFF-TV: News, Weather and Sports for Huntsville, AL.


This is really awesome news.  I think I’ve shown my love of the Space & Rocket Center lately, and the fact that they have managed to reduce the debt so much is awesome.  And that they’ve finally managed to zero their line of credit, also awesome.

I mentioned a past CEO that really screwed them over.  Included in that was the building of a Saturn V replica while a real Saturn V rotted in the back of the property, and he swore he had a corporation set up to put every kid in Madison County through Space Camp.  Except, he didn’t.  He was fired and ordered to repay $200,000 that he never did.  Later, he was arrested for unrelated dealings in Texas.  But ever since he was fired, the finances of the center have been shaky.  Good to see it bouncing back into shape.



The Bridges of Oneonta.

This is another post about a place in my documentary entitled Secret Alabama.

In the mountains around Oneonta, Alabama, are countless gullies and ravines.  There is also acres and acres of prime farmland.  As a result, the area around Oneonta has the highest density of covered wooden bridges anywhere in the state.  Even better, they have all just been refurbished, and should be good for another hundred years.  And yes, these bridges are used every day.

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Buffalo Soldier Monument

This is another entry about a place in the documentary I’m working on entitled Secret Alabama.

A little known fact about Huntsville, Alabama is that for several months it played host to the famous African American Cavalry regiment known as “The Buffalo Soldiers.”  The soldier’s of Cavalry Regiments 9 and 10 along with their brethren in Infantry Regiments 24 and 25 earned their nickname of “Buffalo Soldiers” while fighting in the western frontier.  The natives called them Buffalo Soldier’s because their hair reminded them of the main on a bison.  All four regiments were recalled from the west and sent to Cuba to fight in the Spanish-American War.  After the War, most of the Buffalo Soldier’s remained in Cuba as part of the occupying force, but  Regiment 10 was sent back to the states.  They arrived in Huntsville on October 18, 1898.  The location of their encampment became known as Cavalry Hill.  Today Cavalry Hill School sits on the site, and in front of the school stands the Buffalo Soldier Monument, a testament to the bravery and dedication of the men who served our country with honor and pride.  Huntsville is the only city east of the Mississippi to erect a monument to the Buffalo Soldiers.

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This is another post about a spot included in the documentary I’m working on entitled Secret Alabama, Places everyone should know about!  

Tinglewood is a hidden fairyland.  Found in Orr Park near Downtown Montevallo, Alabama, Tinglewood is a place where fantasy breaks through into reality.


If you didn’t know about Tinglewood, you’d be hard pressed to find it.  Orr Park is a typical city park, with soccer fields, softball fields, stands, a pool and other recreational places.  But along a creek running through a part of the park stands Tinglewood.  Storms and age had killed off or was killing off the old cedar trees in this part of the park.  Most where about to find a chain saw through their trunks.  But a local artist, Tim Tingle, saw something better.  And he convinced the town that he was right.


Tingle did take a chainsaw to the trees.  Just not to cut them down.  Instead, Tingle filled the creekside park with amazing carvings of fantastical creatures.


Tingle started carving Tinglewood in the late 90s.  He’s still adding to the fanciful woods.


Tingle’s studio is not far from the park.  Hanging in the front window is the official Guinness Book Of World Records longest single carving wood chain.  It’s quite impressive, but no where near as impressive as Tingle’s fanciful artwork in Tinglewood.

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High Falls Park

As has come up on a thread over at Hogewash!, I’ve been working on a documentary about various “secret” places around the state of Alabama.  By secret, I mean places only the locals know.  One of my favorite secret places is High Falls Park, near Geraldine, Alabama.  I like it for a couple of reasons, but mainly just because of it’s breathtaking beauty.


I also like it because in the summer it is the home of the redneck daredevils.  I’ve seen young kids, not much older than 6 or 7, leap from the falls.  I think in the area it is a right of passage.


Finding the park isn’t easy.  The signs leading to it are misleading at best.  But the place is fairly well maintained.  I recommend it to anyone looking for an off the beaten path place to visit in Alabama.