I Haz Rulz

I’ve a  few rules here at Running Wolf Blog.  They are all about comments and moderation.

1. Comments are to be about the post you are commenting on.  Within reason.

2. Insults are fine, as long as they are funny.  And don’t include unrelated family members.

3. Do not post or request personally identifying information of people who are not you.

4. Threats will be edited at my discretion to make you look bad.  If you don’t want me to do that, don’t post a threat.

5. Promises to do something bad to someone who isn’t doing something you want is actually a threat, and will be mocked.

6. Have fun, learn something new, enjoy the day.



I’ve now, after discussion with people far smarter than me, am adding two more rules.

7. I hold the copyright to everything I’ve written here.  Multiple copyrights exist and are claimed.

8. After 3:30pm on Wednesday June 4, 2014, by reading and or commenting on this blog you agree that any legal issues that may arise as a result of my copyrighted work are under the jurisdiction of the State of Alabama and any legal action to be brought will be brought in the Heart of Dixie. Advice is hear by given that unless you have a desire to visit The Cotton State, that you bring your concerns to the host, and if reasonable, a retraction will be made.

9. All photographs and drawings on this site, unless otherwise credited, are the work of Michael Malone.  No license is given or implied that the works may be used elsewhere outside of the reblogging terms of WordPress.com.  If you want to use one of my photographs, contact me.  I’m sure we can work out an arrangement.

10.  If you’re a crazy nut job that doesn’t know the difference between talking about and talking to, expect to be banned.

11.  If your name is Bill Schmalfeldt, you are no longer welcome to comment on this blog unless and until you print a retraction for each and every time I’ve asked for one, and then I will review this rule (which may take anywhere from a day to a year) and consider a probationary return to the comment section with additional rulz as to the nature of your posting.  You’ve abused my patience long enough.  Go fuck with your own bandwidth.  Although, I do appreciate the lying meltdown of yesterday. THE photo editor of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration.  HI-lair-e-us.

One thought on “I Haz Rulz

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