Schooling and Such

I’m supposed to be signing up for school, but I haven’t been told if I have the money for it yet.  That’s frustrating.  I want to go back to school, but if I don’t have the money, what’s the point?  I’d just be dropping out when I couldn’t pay.  And that would suck.

I’m not 100% sure what I want to do back at school, but it won’t have anything to do with video.  I can’t afford video freelancing anymore.  I don’t have HD equipment and no one wants SD stuff anymore.  My thousands of dollars in SD equipment is now worth nothing.  How frustrating.  It’s even getting harder and harder to find software for SD. Everything is HD.

Sure, I could get a cheap HD camera, but it won’t do for the kinds of things I want to do.  I may get one anyway, just to play with but my video career seems over.  Time to move on to something else.  And for that, school.

So I’m looking for an answer here in the next couple of days.  Decisions must be made.  Classes signed up for.  Things moving forward.  Soon.

Trying Something New

I think we all need to try something new every now and again.  I’m a fan of it, aren’t you?

So in the spirit of trying something new, I’m looking around for a new path.  A new career perhaps?  A new way of getting things done.  And I’m not sure where this new search is headed.

I’m looking at going back to school.  Need to solidify that this next week, but it is a real possibility.  And if I get all the paperwork done correctly, I’ll be going back to school to learn something completely unrelated to anything I’ve ever done in the past.

Something entirely new.

I’m looking at jobs I never thought I’d look at.  Desperation?  Perhaps.  But perhaps it is time to look under a new leaf.

I had a friend who up and quit a decent job to try something new.  His new path has been rocky and unsure, but I can honestly say I’ve never seen him happier.  He quit lots of things he was really really good at to go off and do something he really really wanted.

He’s one of my heroes for that.  He chose it, I’ve had it forced off onto me.  But we have to play the cards life gives us, because leaving the table isn’t an option.

I’ve had a few friends, some quite close, decide to leave the table.  I don’t think it worked they way they intended.  It is messy, it doesn’t ever work the way you intended.  Or at least I hope not.  I’d hate to think my friends intended to leave the mess they did.

So I’m looking down a new path, and right now it has lots of twists and turns.  I’m still not sure where it is taking me, nor am I sure where I’ll end up.  But do we ever?