What’s With Wolves?

Okay, so some of you keep asking me about the wolves and stuff, since I don’t think I’ve ever talked about wolves in a blog post before.

Wolves are magnificent creatures, and that alone is enough of a reason to have them on the page. They are the purest of the pure breeds in the canine world, not these weird man made mutations we call dogs. (Don’t get me wrong, I love dogs.) Wolves represent to me what makes mankind truly great and special upon this planet.

What? Mankind? You thought I was gonna talk about Wolves…

Okay, so I have had an obsession with wolves since I was quite young. At three or four a neighbor had a full bloodied wolf for a pet. Which is pretty darn crazy, but it must have been less dominate or something cause it was extremely friendly and would let me watch TV at their house for hours with my head propped up on his ribs. Sweetest damn animal, unless you appeared to threaten one of its pack. Then a totally different side came out. A very scary side.

No one knows for sure just when wolves and men started hanging out together. It doesn’t really matter. Have you ever seen an angry wolf? Or one on the prowl, hunting? Mean creatures, and quite capable of killing a human. But smart, and at some point figured out that we make a better long term food program than the short term program of a single dinner. So these vicious, scary, deadly critters represented how I think early humans viewed the world. As a vicious, scary and often deadly place. Yet, a place that could bring much joy, happiness and comfort as well.

6 thoughts on “What’s With Wolves?

  1. I love love love wolves and my whole room is a wolf them with a giant wolf life size sticker and more ( we might be getting a hybrid afterword’s yeah!) but tht is all true what you were saying about wolves. how they can differ here and there…

  2. The smartest canine I have ever met came up to meet me on a dusty country road about 10 months ago. While we did not actively engage at the time as I thought she was a wild coyote, we met again about two months later and played a bit. I noted that at one point, she simply threw back her head and howled. It was an eerie sound. I later found out that she was a 50-50 timber wolf/Alaskan Malamute combination. Three months, after being shot for attacking a sheep, she came to live with me. I am continuously amazed at how incredibly smart she is. Jiajia, has bonded with me totally, although her “natural wildness” remains intact. She greets me in the manner of a fellow wolf and is a friend, if such an animal can indeed be a friend. Needless to say, I am absolutely captivated by her patience and respect for me. This breed is capable of being an incredible companion and loyal friend.

  3. Dear Michael:

    You are badly missed and your sharp-witted biting commentary is missed! Please don’t tell us that the forces of darkness have succeeded in muzzling your most welcome observations and piercing commentary. This is not for publication, just a friendly nudge.

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