The Questions of Bill Schmalfeldt

I can’t help but notice that since Bill Schmalfeldt left the blogging world he has been far more active than before he left the blogging world.  I’ve also noticed a trend where Bill Schmalfeldt doesn’t answer direct questions, continually tells others how they must post, threatens people who don’t post appropriately according to the rules of Bill Schmalfeldt, and constantly insults people.

Nice fellow.

But it’s the doesn’t answer direct questions that has me a bit upset.  See, Bill Schmalfeldt has a habit of demanding answers to his own questions, and taking action if his questions are ignored.  He will post threats about what he will do if he doesn’t get the answers.  He does this, he claims, because he is a journalist.  That’s a claim that is down right laughable, but we can go into it at another time.  Real journalist would never treat a source like this.

Here’s what we need. We need proof… something more that the liar Hoge’s say so… that you “sold” your rights to that blog to him. Monday morning, May 5, 10am ET will suffice.

-Bill Schmalfeldt in a comment on Paul Krendler blog, Thinking Man’s Zombie

Threats and deadlines are not how one would get answers.  And if you didn’t get your answers, you published your story with their pointed out lack of comment.  That’s what journalist do.  But not Schmalfeldt, no he threatens.  He calls the cops.  He files peace orders.  He doxes you.  He calls your wife’s employers.  He denies that your child who just died even exists.  Yes, Schmalfeldt has done all these in an effort to “aggressively follow a story.”

I won’t do any of those things.  I’ll do what real journalists do when a source won’t answer questions.  Make it obvious that they won’t answer questions.  So here is a list of direct questions asked of Schmalfeldt that he has ignored, dodged, or otherwise refused to answer.  Much like some other blogs, this may become a regular feature here.  In other words, I’ll be posting the list again and again until he answers.

On to the list:

On the issue of Pornography

Bill Schmalfeldt one called the cops and accused a photographer of using underage models in the production of pornography.  He did so because the photographer didn’t provide Schmalfeldt with age verification information on his models, something that the photographer couldn’t give Schmalfeldt under penalty of federal law.  Schmalfeldt argued that he was required to give him the information.

It turns out that Schmalfeldt is also a producer of pornography.  Specifically, he produced a photograph of two men in either simulated or actual anal sex.  The picture had four models in it, since the faces of the body models where replaced by other faces.  Schmalfeldt then disseminated the pictures via Twitter.  By doing so, he came under the same record keeping requirements that he attempted to claim gave him the right to look at the records of the aforementioned photographer.

That said, Schmalfeldt was asked if he had the proper record keeping files of the four people in his pornography production.  Schmalfeldt has yet to answer this question.

On the issue of bragging

Schmalfeldt has repeatedly claimed that people bragged about getting him fired from various “jobs” at online publishing places.  A specific claim is that people brag about getting him fired from the Examiner, but other sites are implied in his writings.  Schmalfeldt has been asked, repeatedly, about who these braggarts are and what they said.  He has yet to provide that information.

On the issue of conspiracy

Over at Blubber Sues Bloggers, Schmalfeldt accused the host, Flynn, of conspiracy to do all sorts of nefarious things not specified.  It was enough for Flynn to write an entire blog post about it.  Schmalfeldt has commented on that post, as of this writing, five times.  Not once has he addressed the post itself, explaining exactly what Flynn has done that was anything like what Schmalfeldt claimed it was.


Schmalfeldt has a bad habit of demanding answers and refusing to give them.  I’m sure this list could be much longer, and feel free to leave a comment with a somewhat detailed example of what questions Schmalfeldt is dodging.  I’ll at it to the list next week.

28 thoughts on “The Questions of Bill Schmalfeldt

  1. Well I, for one, would like to know how he justifies taking a tweet out of context, cropping it to make it look like it’s saying something it wasn’t originally, and then taking it to LE to claim it’s a threat against his life??

    • He did answer that, but with the “showed the whole thing” claim. Of course, he probably didn’t show the whole conversation which had nothing at all to do with him.

      • Ok, I’m going to really put myself on the line and state for the record, there is NO way in HELL Twinkie showed a judge that entire tweet and the judge believed it was a threat against Twinkie…


      • You’re right he didn’t. He showed it to a Court Commissioner, if to anyone at all. And I truly believe after posting it and hearing all the holes in his legal theory and that he’d eventually end up losing in a confrontational setting, he decided to be a human being and drop it. After @mentioning him on twitter 8 times.

      • No doubt desperately trying to create a case with the various @mentions and postings, since even he isn’t stupid enough to think he had one going in.

  2. Good questions, but you’ll be waiting until the proverbial cows come home and then a few extra millennia for good measure before Bill deigns to give the answers he demands of others..

  3. Don’t forget a week ago he was at death’s door, being harassed by all those mean people on the internet (actually, it wasn’t just last week, every month or so he declares himself “mostly dead”). But today, if you check out the blogs who are making him look more and more like Babs Streisand, he’s calling people out, to do things the “rough way”.

    He is the consummate “keyboard warrior”.

    • I’m not going to attack his health except when it directly relates to the story or issue at hand. Such as in Liars Gotta Lie, when I don’t fully believe that his “boo-boo” was as much an accident as it was a continued attempt to look like a victim when he isn’t.

      • the only reason most of the “lickspittles” as he likes to call the various people who comment at Hogewash bring up his health, is because he uses it repeatedly as some sort of shield against anyone who points out his bad behavior. One minute he’s tearing up twitter and various comment sections of blogs, hurling accusations, nastiness and loosely veiled threats, and when anyone pushes back he’s “oh oh poor widdle me, I’m DYING, you people are KILLING MEE!!11!!” I’d normally say check out his time line, but he’s scrubbed and been suspended so many times you can’t see the pattern of out-right cray cray that he posts.
        Regardless, he is what he is, a bully who runs crying to LE whenever his targets push back.

      • Well, since he’s now called me out on Blubber Sues Bloggers, I guess we’ll have to see. Although I can’t remember a single time I’ve ever thrown a rock at him. So I’m a little confused.

      • You don’t have to throw anything. Just posting comments on the same thread makes you just as guilty.

        As an aside, my first few posts concerning BS’s Parkinson’s were along the same line as yours. I’m a dentist that treats patients with conditions such as PD and the like, and I just lost a close family member last year to PD after watching her suffer with it for over 30 years. After a few more posts from Bill, I’d changed my attitude.

        Nothing sucks more that using a serious condition like Parkinson’s to bash other people and then hide behind it. He’s beyond disgusting.

      • I agree it is quite a disgusting thing. He can file a lawsuit, but if someone else files a lawsuit they are killing him. He can file a peace order, but if someone files a peace order they are killing him. It’s insane.

        However, I’m not going to give him the attention he wants, and I believe he wants us focused on his health. Because that plays into his victim mentality. I’m not going to play that game. I’m going to continue to call him out on his lies and his logic.

  4. Good idea and nicely done, Michael. I like the Liars Lie post too and hope that also gets to be a regular feature. ☺

    • Thank you ma’am. That’s a good idea. And that one doesn’t just have to be about BS. It could be about anyone. I take it back, great idea.

      • Oh my, yes, certainly hope those features include various people. As you’ve recently learned, some are so predictably without merit that it doesn’t take long to learn exactly what they’re all about.

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  6. My question is one he has been dodging for a LONG time:

    Who gave him the Walker/Hodges email, that was under court seal?

    Since he knew all the discovery In the now dismissed Walker v Kimberlin was under court seal, how could he release all of it ?

    I look forward to making your site a daily stop, like Hogewash and TheOtherMcCain are.

    • I’ll need more information on this before I add it to the list. I’ve seen it alluded to a few times, but it happened long before I got involved.

      • Most of the information about this can be found on allergic2bull. It was last summer, I think. Walker v Kimberlin. Walker answered discovery, and was granted a motion that put the discovery under seal. Less than 24 hours later Cabin Boy™, who was not at the hearings, released all of the discovery, paying most attention to an email about Walker being fired. Even though he knew the discovery was under court seal he released it to the public, without saying how he got it. Hogewash has some on it too I believe.

  7. Everyone wants answers, but I’m not allowed to comment on anyone’s blog. Michael, you’ve made some factual errors in your reporting. But since it’s the narrative that counts with you cats, and not the “truth,” y’all just ask and answer your own questions in a way you find satisfactory and declare THAT to be “truth.”

    • I control one and only one blog, Mr. Schmalfeldt. Feel free to make any comment you want within the guidelines of my rules. I’ll note that this last post skirts the first rule a bit. So focus on the content of the post and please post again. And if you feel I’ve a factual error, please point it out. Unless by point it out you mean to whine and dither and not actually provide a factual reason it is a factual error.

      I only ask that along with following my rules, you don’t use up or abuse my website like you did over at Blubber Sues Bloggers. You are here as a guest, behave like one.

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